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Kantas Akra: Media Player Rainmeter Skin

Media Player Rainmeter Skin

Kantas Akra for Rainmeter is a Simple media player widget that shows beautiful effect of digital VU-Meter while allowing you to control your favorite media player.


Take full control of your media playback with the Kantas Akra Media Player Rainmeter Skin. Play, pause, skip tracks, adjust volume, and manage your playlists—all within a beautifully designed interface. Experience seamless navigation through your media library and effortlessly manage your audio or video content with ease.

There are three variants of skin:

  • Large – that shows large track info display.
  • Small – that shows small track info display.
  • MediaKey – player independent, for not supported media players.

Customizable Interface: Personalize the look and feel of the Kantas Akra Skin to suit your preferences. Customize the color scheme, background, and icon styles to create a media player that seamlessly blends with your desktop theme.

  • Transparency – separate transparency options for text and VU-Meter.
  • Color – set the color of the skin to your preference.
  • Styles – choose from four styles of VU-Meter.
  • Show or hide gradient background and background lines.
  • Choose update rate and update divider to tweak performance for lower CPU usage.
  • Choose different settings for AudioLevel plugin to tweak VU-Meter effect*.


Transform your desktop into a powerful music hub with the Kantas Akra Media Player Rainmeter Skin. Download this stylish and functional skin to enjoy a feature-rich media player right on your desktop.

Download this Rainmeter Skin:

Click the button below to download the Kantas Akra Media Player Rainmeter Skin. Enjoy seamless control, stylish design, and immersive music playback on your desktop.