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Mii Power Rainmeter Skin

Mii power Rainmeter skin

The Mii power Rainmeter skin primarily features widgets that allow you to control the power options on your computer, including shutting down, restarting, and putting your computer to sleep.

About Mii Power rainmeter skin

This skin for rainmeter offers you 2 versions of the skin that are a black one and a white one. These versions are again available in 2 types that are vertical and horizontal.

In the vertical version, there are 3 options that are sleep, restart, and shutdown whereas the horizontal has 4 options sleep, restart, shutdown, and lock.

  • The Mii Power Rainmeter skin was created by a user named “Mii”.
  • The author’s full name or identity is not publicly known, as they likely chose to remain anonymous.

However, the skin can be downloaded and used by anyone through the Rainmeter and Deviantart websites.


Overall, the mii_power Rainmeter skin is a useful tool for those who want quick and easy access to power options on their computer. The skin’s design is clean and modern, with a focus on displaying power-related information and settings in an attractive and functional way.

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