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Spotify Control Rainmeter Skin

Spotify Control Rainmeter Skin

The Spotify Control Rainmeter Skin v4.3 is a feature-packed rainmeter skin designed to provide seamless control over your Spotify music playback. With a custom right-click menu for resizing and fully scalable vector graphics, this skin ensures a visually appealing and intuitive interface.

Whether you’re a free or premium Spotify user, enjoy playback commands for both online and offline modes, and appreciate the skin’s ability to discreetly hide when Spotify is closed.

Spotify Control Rainmeter Skin - Features:

  1. Custom Right-Click Menu for Resizing:Easily customize the size and appearance of the skin with a convenient right-click menu, offering flexibility and personalization.
  2. Scalable Vector Graphics:Benefit from vector graphics that allow the skin to be fully scalable without compromising visual quality.
  3. Playback Commands for Free and Premium Users:Enjoy playback control commands whether you’re using Spotify’s free or premium version, catering to a broad user base.
  4. Online and Offline Spotify Control:Manage your Spotify playback seamlessly, whether you’re connected to the internet or enjoying offline Spotify content.
  5. Discreet Hiding When Spotify is Closed:The skin intelligently hides itself when Spotify is closed, maintaining a clean desktop appearance when the music is not playing.


  • Adjust the skin’s color scheme and aesthetics to match your desktop theme.
  • Experiment with different Rainmeter skins to complement the Spotify Control Skin.

Download - Spotify Control Rainmeter Skin

  1. Download this rain meter Skin by clicking on the “Download Skin” Purple button.
  2. Dubble Click on the skin and press install
  3. Done!
  4. Open the rain meter Load the Skin Enjoy!